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Cornish Sea Salt – 7 x Pinch Pots – Original, Flakes, Luxury Pepper, Lemon & Thyme, Chilli, Smoked and Garlic – £9.75 



Cornish Sea Salt Company Original Crystals capture the freshness and purity of the Atlantic Ocean in their pots of Cornish Sea Salt Crystals. The unique mineral profile of the crystals delivers zing, zest and sweetness to your cooking. The crunchy crystal formation adds texture and delicious little pockets of saltiness. Naturally lower in sodium and containing over 60 healthy trace minerals, the Crystals really pack a punch so you’ll get away with using 30% less than other salts for the same intensity of flavour.


Original Sea Salt Crystals – 75g – £1.00 

Original Sea Salt Crystals – 125g – £1.35 

Original Sea Salt Crystals – 225g – £1.65 

Original Sea Salt Crystals – 500g – £3.50 

Original Sea Salt Crystals – 1.5kg – £9.00 

Cornish Sea Salt Flakes are beautiful microscopic pyramids, full of a mineral-rich zestiness, that are soft and melting on the palate. Allowing tastes to build and evolve, they are perfect as a natural finishing salt, dissolving quickly to give an initial hit of sea saltiness and splashing a little alchemy onto the simplest of dishes.

Use to complement and transform rather than to dominate and define.


Sea Salt Flakes – 50g – £1.00 

Sea Salt Flakes – 50g – £1.00 







Using a range of gourmet ingredients carefully blended with sea salt, Cornish Sea Salt Company’s range of flavoured salts inspire and transform even the humblest home cooked food.

From Lemon & Thyme to Garlic, Chilli to Smoked, as well as our Sea Salt and Luxury Pepper combination, we love them scrunched and sprinkled on scrambled eggs, mixed with butter to create a quick delicious sauce or rubbed into meats, such as steak, for extra flavour, and our smoked sea salt makes a mean crackling. Get creative, with a simple pinch you can transform a simple dish into a showstopper!

Smoked Sea Salt – 50g – £1.50

Smoked Sea Salt – 125g  – £2.00 

Sea Salt & Luxury Pepper – 60g – £2.00 

Sea Salt & Luxury Pepper – 165g – £4.50 

Chilli Sea Salt – 50g – £2.00 

Garlic Sea Salt – 55g – £2.00 

Lemon & Thyme Sea Salt – 55g – £2.00 

Cornish Sea Salt Company’s range of superfood Seaweed Seasonings & Salts harnesses the taste of the ocean and the nutritional value of seaweed, giving you both a burst of umami flavour and a huge health kick from the planet’s most powerful food. Bursting with an organic punch of vitamins, proteins and amino acids, seaweed is also high in iron. Did you know…7g of dried seaweed has the equivalent amount of iron as 100g raw steak?

So, shake up the food cupboard and finish dishes with these Savoury Seaweed Flakes, try the Seaweed Sea Salt for an intense crackle of the ocean, the Fiery Sea Pepper for hot mineral flavour or finally, the Original Sea Pepper for an exciting twist on seasoning.

Savoury Seaweed Flakes – 18g – £2.75 

Seaweed Sea Salt – 60g – £2.75 

Fiery Sea Pepper – 40g – £2.75 

Original Sea Pepper – 40g – £2.75