The Artisan Malt Vinegar Company make small batches of malt vinegar following slow traditional production methods, underpinned by eight years’ experience brewing fine Cornish real ales. Then they sit back and allow the vinegar to mature with oak.
The result is a mellow acidity, with a delicious, mouth-filling, rounded flavour. Natural, unpasteurised, and unfiltered, Artisan Malt Vinegar brings a touch of class to chips, but it can also be used wherever you might use a fine wine or balsamic vinegar: ideal for dressings, marinades and sauces, as well as sublime chutneys and relishes. It is equally at home on the delicatessen or grocery shelf, as a beautiful addition to the restaurant table, or as an ingredient in the fine-food kitchen.

Artisan Malt Vinegar – 250ml – £2.45 

Fowey Valley Cider Vinegar is made from their 2011 Vintage Cider. Aged for nearly four years before bottling,the cider vinegar is unfiltered, unpasteurised and has no preservatives added. The vinegar is 5% strength – perfect for salads, chips and pickling.

Fowey Valley Cider Vinegar – 25cl – £3.65 

Merchant Gourmet Glaze is produced with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena ‘Aceto Balsamic Di Modena IGP’.

Merchant Gourmet Vinegar Glaze – 250ml – £3.29

Merchant Gourmet Vinegar Glaze – 500ml – £5.69

Fowey Valley use Nocellara del Belice olives grown in the Belice Vallet near the town of Castelvetrano in western Sicily. The variety is charcterised by a bright green colour and its large plump size. The oil has aromas of citrus fruits and pepper. It is lightly spicy, extraordinarily fruity, silky and light with notes of artichokes, green apple, tomatoes and delicate young green almonds. The finish is wonderfully fresh.

Fowey Valley Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 25cl – £5.25 

Merchant Gourmet‘s delicious authentic infused extra virgin olive oils are produced in Liguria in the North of Italy. Locally grown basil, lemons, chilli and garlic are allowed to infuse naturally over a period of weeks in the oil to ensure a delicious flavour and aroma.

Merchant Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 750ml – £4.79 

Merchant Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Infused with Basil – 500ml – £5.09  

Merchant Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Infused with Chilli – 500ml – £5.09 

Merchant Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Infused with Lemon – 500ml – £5.09 

Merchant Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Infused with Garlic – 500ml – £5.09 

Merchant Gourmet Extra Virgin Truffle Oil – 250ml 

Simply Oil is made exclusively from rapeseed grown on a Cornish family farm. They ensure the rapeseed is perfectly ripe when they harvest it, and so capture all the goodness that comes from Cornwall’s Atlantic air and fertile ground.
The natural goodness of this rapeseed oil includes Omega 3 & 6 and Vitamin E.
Nutritionally it is also good to know that this oil has half the saturated fat of olive oil making it a healthier choice when it comes to cooking.
Simply Oil has a light and delicate nutty flavour. When you are thinking of food combinations rapeseed oil is a great accompaniment as its subtle taste allows the flavour of all the other ingredients you are using to shine through

Simply Cornish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil – 750ml – £5.15