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Fresh Cornish Milk

Trewithen Dairy Milk is unique. You can taste the difference. It’s blended from 25 herds, living within 25 miles of their Glynn Valley dairy. Trewithen believe that the variety of their herds, including Holstein, Jersey, Ayrshire and Brown Swiss, to name a few, give their milk its very special taste.
Trewithen Dairy simply pasteurise to kill any harmful bugs and homogenise to ensure that it doesn’t separate. Nothing else is added other than love and care

ProductSize Price
Trewithen Dairy Skimmed Milk500mlCornish£0.39
Trewithen Dairy Skimmed Milk1 litreCornish£0.59
Trewithen Dairy Skimmed Milk2 litresCornish£0.99
Trewithen Dairy Semi-skimmed Milk500mlCornish£0.39
Trewithen Dairy Semi-skimmed Milk1 litreCornish£0.59
Trewithen Dairy Semi-skimmed Milk2 litresCornish£0.99
Trewithen Dairy Whole Milk500mlCornish£0.39
Trewithen Dairy Whole Milk1 litreCornish£0.59
Trewithen Dairy Whole Milk2 litresCornish£0.99

Cornish Cream

Rodda’s have been making Cornish Clotted Cream since 1890. More than 120 years on, they still craft it the same way by gently baking rich local cream until it’s thick, unctuous and thoroughly dollopable. The crowning glory of Rodda’s has always been its delicious golden crust, which is especially rich and delicate because of the quality of their milk and the way they bake it. The crust is a sign of quality and rather like gold-top milk, where all the tastiest bits rise to the surface. It’s a protective seal of freshness for the delicious, silky cream below and it’s how you know you’ve got the real deal.

Cream is Trewithen Dairy‘s speciality. Their gorgeous Clotted Cream is made to a traditional Cornish recipe, which means it has Protected Designation of Origin status. Their Single and Double Cream is crafted with just as much care. Nothing is added, they just gently pasteurise in small batches. Then, rather than cooking at high temperatures for a short period, they prefer to cook it slower for longer at a lower temperature. Trewithen Dairy believe our unique approach keeps in more of the goodness and the flavour. Simple.

ProductWeight Price
Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream56g 24 Hours Notice£0.51
Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream113g 24 Hours Notice£0.79
Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream227g £1.50
Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream453g 24 Hours Notice£2.99
Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream907g £5.84
Trewithen Dairy Cornish Clotted Cream56g 24 Hours Notice£0.48
Trewithen Dairy Cornish Clotted Cream114g 24 Hours Notice£0.85
Trewithen Dairy Cornish Clotted Cream200g 24 Hours Notice£1.50
Trewithen Dairy Cornish Clotted Cream400g 24 Hours Notice£2.95
Trewithen Dairy Cornish Clotted Cream907g 24 Hours Notice£5.84
Rodda's Double Cream142ml24 Hours Notice£0.81
Rodda's Double Cream284ml24 Hours Notice£1.36
Rodda's Double Cream568ml24 Hours Notice£2.86
Rodda's Double Cream2.27 litres24 Hours Notice£7.99
Trewithen Dairy Double Cream142ml24 Hours Notice£0.89
Trewithen Dairy Double Cream284ml24 Hours Notice£1.49
Trewithen Dairy Double Cream1 litre24 Hours Notice£4.99
Trewithen Dairy Double Cream2 litres£5.40
Trewithen Dairy Single Cream142ml24 Hours Notice£0.65
Trewithen Dairy Single Cream2 litres24 Hours Notice£5.47
Rodda's Single Cream142ml24 Hours Notice£0.39
Rodda's Single Cream2.27 litres24 Hours Notice£4.42
Rodda's Crème Fraiche500g24 Hours Notice£1.64

Cornish Butter

Trewithen Dairy’s Cornish Butter has a luxuriously smooth texture, buttercup yellow colour and rich creamy flavour.

Rodda’s authentic farmhouse butter is like butter used to be: rich, golden and beautifully marbled. But then that’s no big surprise, as they craft it the same way their great-great-grandmother did all those years ago: by taking wonderful local milk, churning it the old fashioned way, then patting and wrapping it by hand.

Cornish Butter

ProductWeight Price
Trewithen Dairy ButterUnsalted 250gCornish£1.50
Trewithen Dairy ButterSalted 250gCornish£1.45
Rodda's Hand Churned Butter Salted 250gCornish£1.74

Cornish Cheese

Cornish Blue: Designed to be eaten as a young cheese, Cornish Blue is a very different product from traditional English blue cheeses. Its flavour is mild and creamy, with a dense texture and buttery richness, instead of the ‘salty tang’ common of other traditional blue cheeses it has a gentle sweetness. Best enjoyed at room temperature, Cornish Blue Cheese is a great addition to any cheese board, simply enjoyed on crusty bread or a cracker with chutney a glass of port. It’s a versatile cheese and the sweet mild flavour is the perfect compliment to many recipes and sauces.
Peninsula Smoked Cheddar: A 12 Month Old Applewood Smoked Mature Cheddar.
Miss Wenna Brie: A mellow, smooth mould ripened soft cheese with a delicately wafer thin velvety rind and subtle aroma. A must to grace any cheeseboard.
Boy Laity Camembert: A traditional mould ripened premium camembert with its rich, bold and buttery texture. When ‘the Boy” is left to mature he will reveal a complex nature and pungent aroma within that rippled rustic rind.
The Truffler Brie: A truly unique character that will excite and surprise with its wild truffle tones – a devilishly flavoursome mould ripened cheese that has no equal and is to be much nosed out by the cheese connoisseur. 
Davidstow Mature Cheddar: Uniquely full flavoured with nutty notes, that finishes with a smooth, creamy after taste. It has a rugged texture that tends not to crumble when cut and may have slight flecks of calcium crystals on the surface, though not always present.
Helford White: A soft white cheese with a tangy flavour. Rind washed to create an apricot/pink edible rind with a sophisticated aroma, it is a complimentary addition to any cheeseboard and a favourite with chefs for its depth and complexity.

Cornish Cheese

ProductWeight Price
Curds & Croust Boy Laity Cornish Camembert 165g24 Hours Notice£2.57
Curds & Croust Boy Laity Cornish Camembert 1kg24 Hours Notice£15.59
Curds & Croust Miss Wenna Cornish Brie 165g24 Hours Notice£2.29
Curds & Croust Miss Wenna Cornish Brie 1kg24 Hours Notice£9.39
Curds & Croust Truffler Brie 165g24 Hours Notice£2.68
Curds & Croust Truffler Brie 1kg24 Hours Notice£16.19
Cornish Creamery Cornish Brie1kg24 Hours Notice£9.47
Cornish Creamery Brie – Sandwich 1kg24 Hours Notice£9.14
Cornish Blue 175g24 Hours Notice£2.63
Peninsula Smoked Cornish Cheddar200g24 Hours Notice£2.00
Davidstow Cheddar200g24 Hours Notice£2.76
Helford White200g24 Hours Notice£4.55

Other Cheeses

ProductWeight Price
Mozzarella Balls125g£0.59
Parmesan – Grana Padano Wedge1kg£9.75
Stilton Wedge160g24 Hours Notice£1.87


ProductWeight Price
Trewithen Dairy Cornish Natural Yogurt 450g24 Hours Notice£1.09
Trewithen Dairy Cornish Natural Yogurt 3kg£5.09
Trewithen Dairy Cornish Flavoured Yogurt 6 x 450g - Strawberry & Honey24 Hours Notice£9.29
Trewithen Dairy Cornish Flavoured Yogurt6 x 450g - Toffee & Apple24 Hours Notice£9.29
Trewithen Dairy Cornish Flavoured Yogurt 6 x 450g - Assorted24 Hours Notice£8.69
Golden Acre Long Life Fat Free Yogurts20 x 150g£5.52
Golden Acre Long Life Thick & Creamy Yogurts20 x 150g£6.90

Alpro Milk

ProductWeight Price
Alpro Unsweetened Soya Milk1 litre£1.20
Alpro Professional Soya Milk1 litre£1.20
Alpro Almond Milk1 litre£1.25

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