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Polgoon VineyardApple Cider500ml£2.29
Pear Cider500ml£2.29
Berry Cider500ml£2.59
St Ives CiderClodgy Cloudy Cider500ml£2.25
Smeatons Dry Cider500ml£2.25
Bamaluz Medium Cider500ml£2.25
Porth Pear Cider500ml£2.25
Haye FarmLerryn Boathouse Cider500ml£2.29
Mounts Bay Cider CoCornish Scrumpy250ml£2.59
Padstow Brewing CoPadstow Sunshine Cider568ml£3.29

Padstow Brewing Company was founded in 2013, using a tiny 100 litre kit in an old surf-shower. It wasn’t long before the beer was being sold in Cornish pubs and more space and capacity were needed. They have grown quickly and are now able to brew around 9000 pints per week on our custom-built brewery on the outskirts of Padstow. They have a small dedicated team who help with brewing, hand-bottling and distribution.

Padstow Brewing CoPadstow May Day - Extra Pale Summer Ale568ml£2.99
Padstow Pale Ale 568ml£2.99
Padstow Pilsner568ml£3.69
Padstow Pride - Smooth Amber Bitter568ml£2.99
Padstow Windjammer - Cornish Copper Ale568ml£2.99
St Austell BreweryKorev500ml£1.99
Proper Job500ml£1.99

Camel Valley have been producing award-winning, world-class wines in a beautiful corner of Cornwall since 1989. What is it that makes their wines so good? It’s really quite simple – an idyllic setting on sun-drenched slopes near the famous Camel River; excellent grapes that perfectly suit the soil and climate; a respect for traditional vineyard practices combined with a modern approach to wine making and, most importantly, a passion for creating wines that provide pure pleasure.

Polgoon is dedicated to producing artisan Cornish ciders, wines and juices on its Farm just outside Penzance.

Camel ValleyBacchus - Still White75cl£12.25
Rosé - Still75cl£11.50
Cornwall Brut - Sparkling75cl£22.75
Annie's Anniversary Brut - Sparkling75cl£22.75
Pinot Noir Rosé - Sparkling75cl£24.75
White Pinot Noir Brut - Sparkling75cl£28.75
Polgoon VineyardPinot Noir Rosé - Sparkling75cl£26.00
Seyval Blanc White - Sparkling75cl£23.75
Bacchus Dry White - Still75cl£15.25
Madeleine Angevine White - Still75cl£15.25
Seyval Blanc & Ortega Dry White - Still75cl£15.25
Rondo & Pinot Noir Red - Still75cl£15.25
Rondo & Pinot Noir Rosé - Still75cl£15.25

Southwestern Distillery have created the first gin to be crafted in Cornwall for a century. A contemporary take on a classic London Dry, they use fragrant handpicked Devon violets and fresh orange zest to deliver an aromatic sensation unlike any other. The result is comparable to stumbling upon a beautiful orange blossom in the middle of a crisp, dry pine forest. Only the best and most pure spirit (the heart) makes it into Tarquins Gin, which is diluted to bottling strength at 42% with Cornish spring water. Made in tiny batches, fewer than 300 bottles a time. Every bottle is hand-filled, labelled, waxed and signed by Tarquin. Distilled in a flame-fired copper pot still called Tamara, goddess of the Tamar.

Handcrafted Cornish Dry Gin35cl£17.25 inc VAT
70cl£30.00 inc VAT
The Seadog35cl£21.25 inc VAT
70cl£39.00 inc VAT
Handcrafted Cornish Pastis35cl£17.25 inc VAT
70cl£30.00 inc VAT

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